Electronic ink / Electronic paper

Traditionally they are separated. Now, analogue and digital art are finally brought together within this new medium: the electronic ink.

Very similar to pigmented ink, this revolutionary technique offers a very high resolution while being extremely energy-efficient. Its characteristic features include being bistable, sustainable and communicative. Many artists are inspired by electronic ink, as this medium provides them with a method to produce everlasting works of art.

At the same time this unique technology contains a lot of potential for promoting innovative developments in research and finding new ways for the distribution of artworks.

The components and electronic parts contained within the appliances based on electronic ink, are enabling the use of audio, animation as well as video. Writing, marking and drawingwith electronic ink is utterly comparable to the precision of using a pencil or brush.

In a foreseeable future the Electronic Paper Display will find its way into science and the art world, as its application is totally effortless due to the special user interface and sensors.

Demos, questions and answers:
Saturday 6. November from 14:00 at Direktorenhaus Berlin